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Laurent, C.M., Wang, X. & Li, Z. (2021) Exceptional preservation of feather microstructures in amber from the Middle-Cretaceous of Myanmar. Biological Systems 2 (4) 423-439.

Laurent, C.M., Dyke,G.J., Cook, R.B., Dyke, J.M. & De Kat. R. (2020) Spectroscopy on the Wing: Investigating possible differences in protein secondary structures in feather shafts of birds using Raman spectroscopy. Journal of Structural Biology. 211.1.107529.

Laurent, C.M., Ahmed, S.I., Boardman, R.P., Cook, R.B., Dyke, G., Palmer, C., Schneider, P., & DeKat, R. (2019) Imaging techniques for observing laminar geometry in the feather shaft cortex. Journal of Microscopy. 277 (3).

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Laurent, C. M. (2016). Review: Evolutionary Biomechanics: Selection, Phylogeny and Constraint. Quarterly Review of Biology , 90 (2).

Laurent, C.M., Palmer, C., Boardman, R.P., Dyke, G.J and Cook, R,B. (2014) Nanomechanical properties of bird feather rachises: exploring naturally occurring fibre reinforced laminar composites. J. R. Soc. Interface 20140961.

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[Poster, Lightening talk] Royal Microscopical Society Tomography for Scientific Advancement (ToScA) 2018 | Warwick, UK.

[Poster] Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting 2018 | San Francisco, USA

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[Poster] Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting 2017 | New Orleans, USA

[Poster, Lightening talk] Wessex DTN Annual Congress 2017 | Bristol, UK.

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Erdős number

I'm interested in the spread of information and the expansion of information networks. Social and professional networking continues to grow and we are at the beginning of the technological revolution. To some, it is more useful or interesting to look a the propagation of the latest viral video on Facebook but for the time being the Erdős number is a little more relevant to me; it measures collaboration distance to a famous mathematician and has been used to study how academics cooperate. My number appears to be 6:

Laurent, C.M., Palmer, C., Boardman, R.P., Dyke,G.J and Cook, R,B. (2014) Nanomechanical properties of bird feather rachises: exploring naturally occurring fibre reinforced laminar composites. J. R. Soc. Interface 20140961

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P. Erdős and Robin J. Wilson, On the chromatic index of almost all graphs, J. Combinatorial Theory B23 (1977), 255-257.

I stumbled across this on Dr Richard Boardman's personal page. Dr Richard Boardman and Dr Neil O'Brien are computer wizards from the μ-VIS CT unit and in general, clever cookies. They inspired me to download Linux last year and learn some basic coding; this web page is testament to the current depth of that rabbit hole, though I am certain the time I have wasted making a web pages nobody will read, I have gained many times over because of my newfound computer literacy.


I have had the good fortune to spend the last of my formative years with some wonderful people. Some of them have websites: