ToScA 2018

SICB San Francisco!

Welcome to the supplementary information for "Inside a Feather II".

Inside a Feather 1 was presented at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology annual meeting 2017, in New Orleans. It introduces the work we present here (Inside a Feather II). Both posters are available to view here:

Both posters are on the subject of elliptical voids inside the feather cortex.

In this poster, we present the orientation of these inter-fibre voids, but unfortunately there is not enough space to show them on the poster, and it's difficult to illustrate them in a meaningful way in two dimensions - so here they are in three!

Below, there are some 3D representations of reconstructed CT data. Click once, and they should be loaded in a 3D viewer (this might take a few seconds).

If you do NOT have a Google Cardboard or another VR headset... can orbit around the data and zoom with the usual touchscreen gestures on your smart device.

If you have a Google Cardboard or another VR headset...

... then click the button in the pop up menu on the bottom right corner and enjoy stereoscopic virtual reality. Be careful your phone's backlight isn't set to autodim after a few seconds - you will need to wake it up again.

You may also teleport yourself around this virtual world by looking at the floor (circular cross-hairs) and pressing the silver 'cardboard button'. Be careful not to go too far, though, or you might get lost. If you do - just hit refresh :)

1: Feather Section

This is just a small piece of feather (from a Swan also) to get used to the VR engine and see what a mesh which has been extracted from CT data looks like on a familiar object. Try to teleport around too look at the data from different view points, If you teleport to spot right underneath the feather, you will be placed on top of it and will be able to see inside.

2: Segmented voids

A small slice through the cortex of the feather shaft from the scan above, at 30% length on the ventral side.
The scan has been cropped so that loading times aren't too long. Can you work out from the poster which side is the outer side of the feather wall and which is the inner?

3: Serial Block Face Imaging SEM (not CT) - click to play animation

This is a similar piece of feather, stained with heavy metals and imaged with a Gatan 3view microscope (an SEM with an integrated ultratome).
It's another technique which shows the voids quite nicely. To be completely explicit, I have edited some of the frames so that one of the holes flashes red, the grey material is the fibrous keratin.
Loading ... (its not so big ~2Mb)